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June 8, 2021

Owner operator Victor Law and his team offer the most modern glass repair and replacement services to region’s motorists

VANCOUVER (British Columbia), June 8, 2021: NOVUS Glass, the leading international name in automotive glass repair and replacement services, has strengthened its footprint in Western Canada by welcoming a new location in Richmond, British Columbia.

Owner operator Victor Law has been in the automotive business for over 25 years, beginning with operating a Vancouver-based gas station that also housed a mechanical repair business. In 2005, he opened a full-scale auto centre in Richmond to meet the growing regional demand for quality collision repair and mechanical services.

The addition of NOVUS Glass to his operations comes because of growing regional demand for quality glass repair services and his own ambition to incorporate all automotive-related services in-house. Working closely with the NOVUS Glass team, Victor was able to upgrade the equipment at his facility as well as train his technicians in the latest automotive glass technology.

“The next logical step was to include automotive glass repair in our service offering. Most often, collisions involve significant damage to windshields and other automotive glass parts. By incorporating it in our services, we have better control over the complete repair of the vehicle and can reduce our response time,” Victor explains.

The decision to move to the NOVUS Glass name was motivated by a host of factors. “NOVUS Glass is the global leader in auto glass technology and is known around the world. Its history and strong patent portfolio were the main deciding factors for us to join the organisation. Also, the company provides good technical support and is active in promoting the business,” he added.

NOVUS Glass Richmond can now pride itself on offering motorists in Richmond and surrounding areas the most advanced glass repair and replacement services at competitive prices. Along with a state-of-the-art shop, Victor also operates a fully equipped NOVUS Glass mobile unit that is prepared to handle any repair or replacement needs customers may have wherever they are.

For almost five decades, NOVUS Glass has been the industry leader in automotive glass repair and replacement. As vehicle technology evolves, so does NOVUS Glass with 27 patents for glass repair products and a dedicated research and development team working toward more. NOVUS Glass proprietary resins, tools and techniques restore to the highest level of optical clarity in the business and outperforms all others in chip and long crack repairs.

Welcoming NOVUS Glass Richmond into the family, Chris Peterson, Regional Vice President-Western Canada for Fix Network said, “Victor and his team are committed to offering the best in automotive services to their loyal customers. Their business agility and quick response to incorporate the latest automotive technology in their services make them an ideal partner within the Fix Network of industry leading brands.”

NOVUS Glass is part of Canada’s largest automotive aftermarket services network with over 75 points of service nationwide. As a longstanding trusted brand, NOVUS customers have come to rely on the experts for their windshield repair and replacement needs. With their Repair First, Replace When Necessary® commitment, NOVUS Glass can repair more windshields with greater optical clarity and structural integrity than any other system in the industry and guarantees repairs for the life of the windshield. With over 1,300 points of service worldwide NOVUS continues to lead the industry in glass repair and replacement. For more information, visit

Fix Network is a global leader in the automotive aftermarket services sector, consisting of Fix Auto, NOVUS Glass, ProColor Collision, Speedy Auto Service and SRP brands. Our locally owned and operated collision, glass and mechanical repair facilities offer hassle-free vehicle care and services. Our company and our network continue to grow nationally and globally, thanks to a solid foundation based on entrepreneurship and innovation. With over 2,000 points of service around the world, Fix Network is the premier global automotive aftermarket services solution. For more information, visit

Edward D’Mello
Communications & Public Relations Manager
Fix Network
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