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NOVUS Salutes ICBC's New Windshield Repair Option

March 3, 2017

NOVUS Glass congratulates the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) on its addition of choices to help consumers handle chipped and cracked windshields. This spring, ICBC will add a new feature to its optional comprehensive coverage plan—one that allows customers to repair a chipped or cracked windshield, rather than fully replace it.

As innovators in the windshield repair field, we at NOVUS Glass applaud ICBC's desire to provide customers the best solutions while keeping insurance rates reasonable. In recent years, windshield damage claims have been on the rise, and repairs are often a better choice than full replacement. As NOVUS President Garry Skidmore relates, "Not all windshields can be saved, but many of them can with skilled assessment, new technology and innovative repair methods."

Repairs are usually more economical and take less time than windshield replacements. In 2016, an average replacement cost approximately $820, while a typical repair was less than $70 - a big savings. It's also more convenient to repair than replace a windshield. Most breaks can be fixed in less than an hour and NOVUS can go directly to the customer's location. Additionally, repairs are environmentally friendly, as they add zero waste to landfills.

NOVUS Glass meets the full range of customer needs, covering chips, breaks, scratches and cracks. An exciting recent development is the ability to repair long cracks. For many years, the industry standard was fixing cracks up to about 10 cm. NOVUS is one of the few service providers with the technology and training to handle cracks nearly four times that length (45 cm) - including those near the edge of the windshield. Along with NOVUS' other service options, long crack repair is guaranteed safe, legal and effective.

NOVUS' services are a strong complement to ICBC's new program and will save customers money. Garry Skidmore says, "We at NOVUS look forward to partnering with ICBC to reduce increasing pressure on insurance rates and provide the best solutions to consumers."

In British Columbia, NOVUS Glass can be found in Langley, Surrey, Aldergrove and Port Coquitlam, with additional locations opening later this year.

About NOVUS Glass
NOVUS invented windshield repair in 1972. For over 40 years, NOVUS has been and remains the industry's research & development pioneer. NOVUS has been awarded more U.S. Patents for windshield repair than the rest of the windshield repair industry combined. For more information visit us at or 1-800-77-NOVUS (800-776-6887) for a NOVUS location near you. For franchise development information, contact 800-944-6811.

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