Replacement is a Big Job - Make Sure it's 100% Needed & Done Right

Talk to a Pro
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Talk to a Pro

We've replaced more than 40 million windshields. Trust our team to recommend the right solution tailored for your specific needs.

We'll Come to You
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We'll Come to You

Contact NOVUS to schedule a time our technician can come out to fix your auto glass when it is most convenient for you.

Lifetime Warranty
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Lifetime Warranty

Relax knowing that NOVUS will use quality materials, replacing your windshield with SRP Urethanes - the best resin available.

Replacement as a Last Resort

Not only do you want the best windshield replacement possible, you want it from the pros that only use it as a last resort, and back a likely repair with a lifetime guarantee. While other replacement professionals may seek out the easiest, least environmentally friendly solution with the highest price tag, NOVUS focuses on consistently providing the right solution at the right time.

Think Your Type of Auto Glass Isn't Replaceable?

Think again. Every type and every glass surface is covered by our highly trained technicians, from side mirrors to sunroofs. And we strive to save you as much time as possible by offering related services that eliminate trips to other auto specialists, like the recalibration of your Advanced Driver Systems.

Need a Repair Instead? 
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