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10 Christmas Gifts Car Lovers Will Appreciate

10 christmas gifts car lovers will appreciate

With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about gift ideas. Everyone’s felt that seemingly eternal struggle of deciding what to get a loved one or friend. Some people are impossible to shop for. On the other hand, some have very specific and obvious interests. Thankfully, car lovers are very forthcoming in their passion for anything related to motor vehicles. Thank you, car lovers, for making our lives (slightly) easier!

There are many easy and inexpensive gifts you can get a car lover for Christmas. All you need to do is pop down to the local auto shop and have a browse. There are car cleaning sets (after all, they’re the only people on that planet that enjoy cleaning their car), air fresheners and car aromatics, and those tragic eyelashes that some people stick to their headlights. These gifts are handy and fun but are not always built to last (especially those eyelashes). So, what do you do when you’re trying to bump up your game? Say you really want to surprise this person with something they’ll really love? Well, we’ve got 13 ideas for you to test drive. These gifts are sure to get any car enthusiast feeling jolly this Christmas.

car eyelashes

Did you know!

The Australian Automotive Industry is worth $166 billion—that’s a lot of pairs of those terrifying car eyelashes. Within this business, there are over 85,000 businesses and around 300,000 employees. And the industry continues to grow and boom. Over 2018 alone, there were 1.153 million new cars sold in Australia. Sounds like way too many cars, right? Well, that probably why, per capita, Australia has one of the highest rates of cars on the road. In fact, for every group of 1000 people in Australia, there are 776 cars. So, we’re all essentially car lovers, one way or another.

1.) Fuel Gift Cards

Free petrol money? How can you go wrong? With growing fuel prices, fuel gift cards are something that anyone would enjoy, car lover or not. So, how do you go about getting a fuel gift card? Well, all you need to do is pop into your nearest service station. Companies such as BP and Shell sell such gift cards, keeping car enthusiasts where they feel best: out on the road.

2.) Shout Their Next Service

How much do you love this person? Are you willing to service their car for them? Well, not actually service, but rather pay for a service? It’s the ultimate gift for a car lover. They have their pride and joy on the road as good as new, and you have the satisfaction of knowing you bought them a killer gift. So, how does this gift work? Thankfully, reloadable EFTPOS cards can be purchased from retailers such as Cards4all and Mastercard; however, it’s important that you take note of any fees and interest that may be charged.

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3.) Replacing Vital Car Parts

Is this car enthusiast particularly enthusiastic about assembling their car themselves? Do you happen to know which car parts they’re desperately looking for? (I’m sure they would have complained about it once or twice) Help them out by sourcing them yourself and sticking them right under the Christmas tree. Super Cheap Auto is a great place for finding car parts that you can typically replace yourself, like bulbs, wipers, and batteries. If you need something a little more particular, then try Online Auto Parts for all your nitty-gritty pieces.

4.) Roadworthy Certificate

If you’re loved one is looking to sell their car in the near future, boost their efforts and make their Christmas by purchasing them a roadworthy inspection and, in turn, certificate. There are many benefits to having a roadworthy inspection, but the most valuable one is the credit it gives to a car owner knowing their car is safe enough to be driven on Australian roads. This is particularly useful when attempting to sell a car that has been modified. The good part is that roadworthy certificates are more affordable than you may think. For a conventional vehicle, safety certificates only cost around $84. As a bonus, most mechanics will typically come out to you to do the inspection.

5.) Cordless Vacuum for Messy Drivers

As mentioned, car lovers are one of those rare species of people that actually enjoy cleaning their car. We can’t relate either. That being said, I’m sure that we can all agree that vacuuming is by far the worst part of having to maintain a car. You have to lug your heavy vacuum over to the garage, find all the right attachments (which are somehow always missing), and then you have to get into some Cirque du Soleil-type positions to vacuum up those crumbs that have accumulated in every crevice of your car. It’s basically a workout. BUT it doesn’t have to be that hard, not with a cordless vac. Whilst there are many brands of cordless vacs on the market, undeniably, a Dyson is the real winner. Fair warning: you may want to keep this vacuum after you see how easy it is to use.


6.) Flashy Rims

Rims are a feature that just adds that extra wow-factor to a car. Let’s just say they’re a little more glamorous than your standard hub cap—although definitely less fun to scratch. Upgrading your rims is the ultimate step up in the car world, but it is an investment. So if you go for this option, you’re not by any means obligated to buy Christmas presents for the next couple of years (while you recoup). For inspo, check out sites like Stylish Wheels and Ozzy Tyres. They have a vast range of rims for varied prices.

7.) Tinted Windows

Christmas equals summer, and summer equals heat. Help your loved one cool down this summer (and look cool enough) with some tinted windows. Not only do they look good on the outside, but they dramatically reduce the temperature in the vehicle. Typically tinting costs around $300—a fraction of the cost of rims, thankfully. Here at Novus Autoglass, we offer our own tinting services. If you’re on the fence about it – read our article to find out more about tinting.

8.) Windscreen Replacements & Repairs

While we’re on the topic of windscreens, another great gift idea is purchasing your mate’s windscreen repair or replacement. Not only is this a thoughtful Christmas gift, but it ensures the safety of the car owner and their passengers. If you’ve noticed some chips, or even more, unfortunately, a crack in your loved one’s windscreen, take care of that little problem for them—they’ll really appreciate it. Novus offers excellent services at unbeatable prices for both the replacement or repair of broken windscreens. Also, as a mobile service team, Novus travels to its customers, saving so much time and hassle. Just book in and all the work has already been done.

christmas repair or replace windscreen

9.) Entertain With A New Media System

Apart from the rims and tinted windows, car media systems are one of the most modern and valuable additions you can add to a car. Plus, you can find a media system to complement the taste of your car lover. Are they into music? Then a touch screen multimedia player is the way to go (this can connect to your streaming service to play any song, anytime). Are they more of a movie person? Well, how about some car monitor headrests for the lucky backseat passengers. No one will ever call shotgun again.

10.) A Dash Cam

Finally, this gift is one of those things that’s highly accessible, but no one really goes out of their way to buy (although it can be extremely handy in tricky situations)—so why not buy it for them? As we know, there are a lot of crazy people on the road, but protecting ourselves against them is a lot easier with Dash Cam footage. The best part is, these things really aren’t that expensive anymore (so you can pick one up for yourself too). To really help deter dodgy people from doing anything to your car, we suggest finding a HD camera, like the Navman Full HD In-Car Camera. Now your car-loving friend and you can drive with peace of mind.

christmas gift ideas for car lovers

Car gifts really are the gifts that keep on giving (excuse the cliche). They are made to last and will continue to make car lovers happy for many years to come. Depending on your budget, and how much you really like this person, there is a gift for your special car enthusiast on this list. With Christmas pulling up fast behind, it’s time to hit the accelerator and get yourself down to the shops. Whatever you may buy, we’re sure they’ll love it. After all, it’s the thought that counts. Unless it’s those car eyelashes. Then perhaps it’s time to consult the list again. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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