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Benefits of Installing A Dash Camera

dash camera

Technology is ever-evolving and cars are no exception. With each new model of vehicle they’re becoming more and more advanced with feature-packed innovative tech. What was once considered to be luxury added features are now becoming standard. When you purchase a new car today there is a long list of upgrades and extras to choose from.

Dash cams are an item that some people might think are gimmicky; but fitting dash cams to your vehicle can offer excellent security and prove seriously valuable in a number of scenarios.

First of all, what are dash cams?

As the name suggests they are a small camera for the dashboard of your vehicle. They can be fitted to the front or rear of your car via an adhesive, and are often found on the windscreen. Much more advanced than the small spy cameras of old, they now record sound and vision of excellent quality for such a small device.

Many modern dash cams offer additional handy features:

#1.HD – High definition video can enable you to capture number plates and other finer details that might otherwise appear blurry.

#2.GPS – Measure your precise speed and location.

#3.Speed Camera Alerts – Using tracking technology your camera can alert you to the location of any speed cameras along your route.

#4.G-Sensor – Detect significant movement that may result from an accident and ensure any footage taken at the time is locked and safe.

#5.Power supply – Typically powered by your car’s cigarette lighter plug, some units also offer a battery pack to keep recording while the vehicle is turned off.

#6.Multi and wide angle lenses – Dual-lens cameras can offer a forward and backward facing perspective. Wide angle lenses will record what occurs to the sides of your vehicle, not just straight ahead or behind.

#7.Infrared lighting – for clearer video in poor lighting or when driving at night.

fit dash cams

Why fit dash cams to your car?

Capture what occured in the event of an accident

All too often accidents can occur without any witnesses. It can be very difficult to prove who is at fault when it’s one person’s word against another. Dash cam recordings are helping to expose culprits and fast-track insurance claims every day.

In the event of an accident we often enter a state of shock and our memory of the events can be shaky. Depending on what took place, you might not even know how it happened. Dash cam footage can give authorities an accurate record of what actually occurred. They can catch someone speeding or driving dangerously, and they can identify the make/model and even number plate of offending vehicles that might have fled the scene.

Dash cam footage can often help you achieve the maximum insurance claim. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself in a road rage incident, the dash cam is your best friend. Not only will it capture the event, it may deter offenders from taking their aggression too far.

Help you stay accountable for good driving

You can use a dash cam to audit your own driving skills. If there’s one action in which we should perform at our best, it’s when we’re in control of a big metal weapon on the road. They can help you keep on top of your speed, and give you an accurate perspective on your lane position as you drive. This is an excellent tool for young people or anyone who is learning to drive. You can re-live any scenario’s that take place to get a better feel for how you should at or react. This can equip a driver with better preparation should a similar situation present in future.

Dash cams can deter

Dash cams can deter or identify thieves

Rapidly being employed as an effective safety feature, a dash cam can mean the difference between a good and bad day. Is your car at risk of break ins?  Some vehicles are more susceptible than others, particularly older model vehicles or those parked outdoors. Opportunistic thieves target these types of vehicles, so if you feel you may be at risk, a dash cam just might save the day. Crooks are much less likely to target a vehicle with a dash cam fitted; but you’ll need to ensure your camera features some sort of battery pack or power source so it can continue to record when the car is turned off.

Can be fun and capture great memories

Record the kids singing their lungs out in the back, or capture a video memory of the road trip of a lifetime. How many times have you been driving and said “Oh I wish I got that on camera?” Amazing weather events, meteor showers, unusual wildlife happenings, or maybe even a UFO!

Sound great! Are they expensive?

Dash cams are now very affordable considering the long list of benefits they bring. They range from under $100 through to robust feature-rich systems in the $1,000’s depending on which type of dash cam you need. Whatever you choose, we think dash cams are always well worth the investment.

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