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Benefits of Using a Car Sunshade All Year Round


​​How does a piece of tin foil help your vehicle through the hot Australian sun? While it may not look like much, a car windscreen sunshade can reduce your car’s interior temperature by up to 30 degrees. Pretty neat right? We don’t want to create false hope that your car will feel like a refrigerator when you climb in, but it certainly will help you combat your car from scolding you. With summer creeping up on us, taking advantage of a sunshade is one of the most affordable solutions to keeping your car cooler. As well as reap some additional unexpected benefits!

To learn more about you can benefit from one of these tin contraptions, carry on reading, as Novus has put together the compressive guide to why you should pick up a sunshade this spring.

How Do Windscreen Sunshades Work?

How does this work? That flimsy foil sheet on your dashboard completes a rather impressive job for just sitting in one position throughout the day. Your sunshade is working to reduce the overall temperature inside your car by reflecting the sun’s rays of light. Without a sunshade, these rays are absorbed by your car’s interior (think your seating and steering wheel), and consequently, heat up. The problem occurs when this heat can’t then escape the car. That’s why your seatbelt is capable of causing you a mild burn (and unpleasant shock) when you go to reach for it. Leaving a crack in your window for heat to escape can decrease the interior temperature, but is a recipe for being broken into. This is where a sunshade steps in. The more light that is reflected, the more likely your car interior will be prevented from heating up.

The Benefits of Using a Sunshade

1. Keep a comfortable interior temperature

With the use of a sunshade, you can comfortably sit in your car without breaking too much of a sweat. Along with being able to touch the steering wheel, and sitting down safely… We aren’t joking, this is a benefit of using your sunshade! How many of you have sat down while wearing shorts in summer to be met by a scorching hot leather seat? Ouch. we’re sure it brings back some memories. With a sunshade, you can safely sit down while wearing shorts, a skirt or anything that will expose your legs to a hot leather interior. You’ll also be able to forfeit the driving gloves, as the steering wheel will no longer give you a burn.

2. Reduce cooling time

A benefit your car’s air conditioner will appreciate, a sunshade will lessen the load on your vehicle’s cooling system. After all, it’s an easier task trying to cool down a car that’s 35 degrees rather than 65. In Australia, temperatures inside a parked car rise quickly. Imagine your typical 30-degree weather on an early summer morning, the temperature inside your car can easily reach 60 degrees within minutes. In fact, your car temperature can double in just five minutes.

Without a sunshade, the black interior of cars which readily absorb more heat (think the steering wheel and dashboard), can reach 85 degrees. But with the use of a sunshade, studies have shown that temperatures can decrease by 40 degrees or more. Purchasing a sunshade is a small price to pay for staying cool, and it’s far quicker and easier on your car’s internal components to cool down your interior.


3. Protect your electronics

If we need to persuade you more on why you should be using a sunshade then maybe preventing your electronics from overheating will do the trick. Most electronic devices function best between 70- 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21-26 degrees celsius). Anything over this and your electronics can begin to overheat, become damaged and require repair. A larger repair bill, especially in comparison to the cost of a sunshade.

Whilst we advocate for not storing your electronics in the car, we know this isn’t always possible, or sometimes mistakes can easily be made. The best way to keep your electronics safe is by taking measures to keep the vehicle as cool as possible, which is exactly what a sunshade is designed to do. The sunshade may not prevent your car from reaching the advised temperatures for your devices, but it should keep it cool enough to prevent any damage.

4. Prevent UV damage

Sunshades are quite the multitasker, capable of solving and preventing a host of annoyances, not just keeping your car at a bearable temperature. Sunshade use can be an effective tool for protecting the interior of the vehicle from UV rays. Just like the sun’s effects on our skin, our car’s interior can also get a little worse for wear over years of sun damage. With frequent use, you can ensure UV rays won’t be fading your console, dashboard and upholstery or cracking steering wheel.

When Should I Use a Sunshade?

A sunshade isn’t something you ought to only whip out during summer, you can benefit from it all year round.

During winter:

Winter in Australia can vary greatly depending on where you are located. Winter in Queensland may be a comfortable 20°C, but make a trip down south to Victoria and you’re facing 14°C. The good thing about a sunshade is you can easily store it in your boot. So no matter where you are, or the weather conditions, it’s ready to be deployed when you need it. Using a sunshade in winter can help insulate the heat that’s generated from the engine whilst driving, as well as the air conditioning.

During summer:

We all know how warm it can get during summer. So the use of a sunshade during this season should be essential if you aren’t wanting to climb into an oven every afternoon. The reflective properties of a sunshade will reflect sunlight and create more shade in the interior of your car. The results: a cooler car and a happier, more comfortable you!


Consider Window Tinting

As the first line of defence, a sunshade is a convenient and affordable solution to preserving your interior. We can’t always secure a shaded park, so getting into the habit of using a sunshade is the easiest way to prevent your car from turning into a sauna. If your car doesn’t have tinted windows, this may also be the perfect time to investigate installing some to further protect your interior from UV damage.

At Novus Autoglass, our technicians are experts in windscreens. From windscreen repair to window tinting, we are here to help with all your windscreen requirements. If you suspect a cracked or damaged windscreen, book a service or call the team at Novus Autoglass on 13 22 34. We provide prompt, professional and technical advice and services to ensure your safety, visibility and comfort.

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