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Can Windscreen Scratches Become Cracks

cracked windscreen

You can’t always tell by looking at it whether windscreen damage is a scratch or crack, sometimes they look very similar. Cracks and deep scratches should always be professionally repaired as they can affect the integrity of glass and your vehicle’s safety. If what you have is a minor surface scratch, you may be able to remove it yourself.


Causes of windscreen scratches

There are a lot of things that seem out to get our windscreens. Scratches can be caused by grit between glass and seals, accidental ring scratches, vandalism, road debris, and most commonly, dirty windscreen wipers. Whatever the culprit, it’s not all doom and gloom. If the scratch is deep enough that it needs professional repair, your Novus pro’s can come to you and repair your trouble spots usually within 20-30 minutes; and for less than you may think.   

causes of windscreen cracks

Identifying a windscreen scratch

To test if you’re dealing with a surface scratch or something more sinister, run your fingernail across the area. If you can clearly feel a groove in the glass, you should not attempt repair at home. If the area is smooth, you could try a DIY scratch removal kit.

Don’t try to repair old scratches that may contain dust and debris, and never attempt DIY repair of scratches in the drivers line of vision. Trying to repair old or deep scratches without the proper tools may leave the area looking dirty, cause damage to worsen, and probably won’t fix the structural integrity of the glass. That would be a big fat waste of time for you.

Why repair windscreen scratches?

Light surface scratches won’t jeopardize the integrity of the glass unless they’re left to worsen; but they can reflect light which can compromise visibility. If you identify a deep scratch, you should arrange professional repair as soon as possible. Left untreated, a windscreen scratch can develop into a nasty crack at any time, and you may be forced to replace rather than repair your windscreen. Neglecting scratch repair can prove costly.


DIY surface scratch repair

There are several methods of DIY windscreen scratch removal. Before you begin repair, ensure the surface is squeaky clean and completely free of dust or debris.

Wash the windscreen thoroughly with soapy water – luke warm or cold, never hot; extreme heat and cold can cause your windscreen glass to expand and contract, which may result in damage worsening. Rinse with water, being sure to remove all soap or glass cleaner residue, and ensure the area is completely dry before applying your repairing agent.

Follow the product application and removal instructions closely. Once the repair is complete, you should check the area regularly to ensure the problem hasn’t recurred. If the scratch does reappear and/or becomes deeper, a call to a professional windscreen repairer is recommended.

smashed windscreen

Love your windscreen

The best prevention of windscreen scratches is regular maintenance. You should keep the class clean and clear of dust, dirt, debris, bugs and droppings at all times. Regularly clean and replace wipers when required, and never use them dry without water. Dirty wipers can easily create small scratches at risk of developing into more serious cracks. Keep up your windshield washer fluids and glass protection agents.    

If you have a suspect scratch or crack in need of repair, save yourself some time and dollars by visiting the Novus online quote page to find out how much it would cost to fix professionally, and under a worry-free lifetime guarantee.

Novus Auto Glass are the windscreen repair experts. Specialising in windscreen fixing, windscreen replacements, glass restoration and other services, Novus can help you get back on the road. Call 13 22 34 to bring Novus to your door.

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