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Don’t Waste Your Money On Cheap Windscreen Repair Kits

A vehicle’s windscreen acts as one of its most vital and functional exterior parts and is one of its significant features that enhances safety and visibility.  Unfortunately it is also one of the vehicle parts that is most susceptible to damage given that it is most widely exposed to extraneous factors that can cause damage to vehicle parts.  Getting a vehicle windscreen repaired is a matter of urgency as an unfunctional windscreen can be a safety hazard for both the vehicle and its driver and passenger(s).  This can lead to vehicle owners resorting to ‘quick fixes’ such as using cheap windscreen repair kits found in auto part or repair shops and undertaking DIY repair measures rather than getting the damage fixed by a professional to save them both time and money.  However in most cases these DIY repair kits do more harm than good and cause further windscreen damage which will cost more time and money to get fixed.

Windscreen repair kits generally consist of an instruction manual, a tool to remove broken glass from the break, a syringe to inject resin into the damaged area and a piece of curing film.  Though the instructions required to fix the damaged windscreen parts are generally provided in significant detail, the truth is inspecting the damage caused and taking the right steps to repair it in an accurate manner that prevents further recurrent and long term damage to the windscreen is more of a ‘craft’ that requires experience, a trained eye for detail and prior practice.  Additionally, cheaper DIY repair kits compromise on the quality of the products used.  Therefore, use of these kits can not only create further damage to various parts of the windscreen, it will cost more money and effort to repair them, there is no guarantee of the damages not recurring and can lead to long term irrevocable damages and safety hazards.

windscreen repair kits

Professional repairers are qualified, trained and have substantial skills and experience in repairing windscreen damages in a thorough and accurate manner.  They are generally aware of the amount of pressure needed to be applied to the windscreen to prevent it from cracking, use the latest fine-tuned equipment to fill the damaged area, use high quality resins with the right viscosity based on the type of damage and temperature and can customise the type of repair required according to the type and degree of damage done to the windscreen.  Additionally, these repairs are done very quickly and can come with a few years’ warranty.

If you are concerned about the cost involved in getting your vehicle windscreen repaired, check the product disclosure statement (PDS) of your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy to see if windscreen damage is included as part of your premium.  If it is not covered, obtain a quote for damages from a reputed windscreen repairer to work out the cost of repairs vs adding an extra to your insurance premium to include windscreen damage cover.

Novus Auto Glass have been the pioneers of providing high quality professional windscreen repairs at all times that come with a warranty and have a varied and strong customer base all over Australia. Contact us on to obtain a quote to have your damaged windscreen repaired.

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