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How ADAS Technology Improves Vehicle Safety

ADAS Technologys

As the number of cars increased on the road, vehicle safety became an important issue automotive companies started investing in. The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is a form of technology where the system collects information from its surrounding area to better inform the driver.

How ADAS protects you

ADAS makes use of several features that are incorporated in the technology to ensure safe driving. ADAS can help you follow road rules and traffic signs, assist in parking, send warning signals if you are not driving with appropriate precautions in mind such as turning the headlights on during the night etc. When operating at its full potential, this technology can decrease the number of fatal accidents.

The ADAS technology includes the following systems:

➢Lane Departure Warning
➢Intelligent Parking Assist System
➢Lane Keep Assist
➢Traffic Sign Recognition
➢Smart City Brake

Lane Departure Warning

This system helps drivers keep their vehicles in the right lane to help reduce on-road collisions. It produces audio and visual alerts as soon as the vehicle starts deviating from its lane. This is done by making use of small cameras that are mounted near the rearview mirror to recognise and distinguish between striped and solid lane markings. As soon as the vehicle deviates from the lane, the system triggers an alarm to react to.

Lane Keep Assist

You’ve been driving for hours on end, your eyes start feeling droopy and before you know it, your car starts drifting off its lane. As soon as your car starts drifting, the Lane Departure Warning system sends you a warning signal to get back to the centre of your lane but you still manage to miss the warning sign. That’s when Lane Keep Assist kicks in. When a car reaches a lane marking and receives no response from the driver to revert back, the car will gently steer you back in the centre of your lane.

Intelligent Parking Assist System

Parking Assist System

Do you have a car that lets you see the rear view of your car on a screen? That is part of the ADAS technology. It is one of the more commonly used ADAS systems. A rear cam is installed to provide visual assistance while parking sensing the distance between your vehicle and the obstacle. Parking assistance systems use ultrasonic sensors that are fixed on the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle to trigger an alarm if an obstacle is detected.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Missing out on any traffic sign could be disastrous on the road. This system makes use of a camera that is mounted behind your windscreen. Real-time input is fed from the front cameras, helping the system to recognise the traffic signs. It can detect signs such as Stop signs, No Entry signs and speed limits, helping you follow traffic rules.

Smart City Brake

Smart City Brake
By making use of a laser-based sensor mounted on the rear view mirror, the Smart City Brake system detects and monitors vehicles that are a short distance ahead of your vehicle. At low speeds, it can completely avoid an accident from occurring. It assesses the likelihood of a collision. If there is a high risk of collision, the system will warn you or brake automatically if needed. To see a visual representation of how this feature works, check out this video.

These features have been developed to make driving safer, not easier. It is still just as crucial to be a skilled driver with safe driving practices. To learn more about how ADAS technology works, read this article. To ensure that NOVUS Glass meets the needs of the market, we use ADAS Windscreen Repair Resin.

*Novus is the only glass company to feature a resin specifically tailored to ADAS-equipped vehicles.*

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