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How Melbourne’s Weather Hurts Your Windscreen

windscreen damaged by Melbourne storm hail

Four seasons in one day is what they say, and it’s so true. Melbournians are accustomed to adding and shedding layers of clothing by the hour as the unpredictable Victorian temps fluctuate. Melbourne’s mother nature doesn’t just impact our outfits and general sanity, she is also very dangerous for our vehicles – particularly our windscreens. Why is Melbourne such an Aussie hot spot for cracked and damaged windscreens?


Rapid changing temperatures

Often somewhere in the transition from Spring to Summer, Melbourne is known to endure temps in the teens following temps in the 30’s and vice versa. We’re victims of our temperate positioning being a tug of war between the arctic zone and the tropics. Wind speed and direction can make an incredible temperature difference from one hour to the next. Windscreen glass expands when warm and contracts when chilly. Over time these swift and extreme changes can encourage cracks to form. There’s not a whole lot you can do about it; but try to park your car in a controlled environment whenever these temperature fluctuations are occurring.


Extreme heat waves and arctic cold fronts

Scorching summer temperatures can put your windscreen under a lot of pressure. If you already have a small crack or chip in your windscreen, it’s common for direct sunlight and extreme heat to make the damage significantly worse. If you shock your sizzling windscreen by blasting your air conditioner on the inside of the vehicle, this rapid temperature change can also lead to damage. Best to park in the shade during summer and cool the interior of your vehicle gradually.


Arctic cold snaps strike Melbourne regularly. Teeth-chattering temps of 4 and frosty nights can certainly challenge your windscreen health. Cracks commonly occur if you try to defrost your windscreen with very hot water, or even if you crank up your heater inside the vehicle. As chilly as it may be, try to protect your windscreen by gradually increasing the temperature of your defrosters.

windshield wiper frost ice

Hail Storms

Melbourne is one of the leading Australian cities for severe hail storms. In 2010 alone the city recorded a $1 billion damage bill caused by these inconvenient icy projectiles. Melbourne hail stones can reach golf and tennis ball sized proportions and travel at speeds estimated at over 150 km/hr. It’s no surprise these frozen bullets can easily and significantly damage your windscreen. If the sky is glowing green, you can take these steps to try and storm proof your car when a wild Melbourne hail storm is on its way.


What to do if worst comes to worst

In Melbourne’s crazy weather even the most mindful and diligent drivers can fall victim to dreaded windscreen cracks, chips and shatters. If you find your windscreen in pain, it’s best to arrange professional repair or replacement advice as soon as possible. Driving with windscreen damage is a ticking time bomb and severely affects the integrity and safety of your vehicle.

polish windscreen

Thankfully, we have plenty of such professionals scattered around Marvellous Melbourne, ready to come to your windscreens rescue. We always repair damage when we can, replacing windscreens only when absolutely necessary. We work closely with Australia’s major car insurance specialists to make your claims easy, and most repairs take less than 30 minutes. Our friendly technicians can come directly to you with our fully mobile service, and our repairs come with a lifetime guarantee!

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