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How to Prevent and Repair Windscreen Scratches

How to Prevent and Repair Windscreen Scratches

A damaged or scratched windscreen is not only an annoyance or distraction on your car’s windscreen, but it can pose a great threat to your safety while driving. More significant scratches have the potential to impact visibility, which is vital for us to judge where other cars and pedestrians are, and when the right time to brake is.

If a damaged windscreen isn’t promptly repaired, these scratches, no matter how minor, can reduce the vehicle’s value as they often get worse with time. Besides a crack getting bigger, it also opens up the opportunity for our windscreen to shatter on impact. The best solution is always prevention, so the team at Novus have put together the ultimate guide on how you can minimise your risk of windscreen scratches.

How to Prevent Windscreen Scratches

Contrary to popular belief, windscreen damage isn’t only made on impact with other vehicles. Windscreen damage is typically caused by debris, weather, and degradation over time.

Sometimes scratches appear out of nowhere. So while it’s true the majority of scratches are caused by external sources, we also can create scratches ourselves! Luckily, avoiding windscreen scratches is easy if you follow these simple steps:

1. Regularly clean your windscreen

With the importance of visibility aside, a clean windscreen looks and feels respectable and prevents wear and tear. Delaying a regular windscreen clean can cause debris to build up and create scratches – so it is essential to clean them off before they have the chance to do so. During the cleaning process, you want to be careful, as it can also create scratches. It’s starting to sound like a double-edged sword but stay with us.

Scratches during the cleaning process depend heavily on what you are using to clean your glass. Avoid improper cleaning by using a soft microfiber cloth when wiping down the windscreen and windows. You also want to ensure you rinse the glass before and after cleaning to remove any debris built up before the next use.


Cleaning tip: Avoid ammonia

Avoid cleaning your windscreen using a solution with ammonia. These contain harmful fumes that create streaking on the windshield. Not only can it dehydrate your glass, but it can cause cracks and discolouration. The good news is that you can feel safe using the Novus glass cleaner. Our formula is a foaming, ammonia-free product with a super simple application!

2. Check for debris under your windscreen wipers

When it’s not raining, we can take our windscreen wipers for granted. While they are always there to help keep our vision clear and windscreen free of water and debris, it can be easy to forget to maintain them regularly. Since our windscreen wipers work around the clock during storm season (which happens to be approaching), they are constantly wiping against your delicate windscreen. In addition, as they are used regularly, they are more likely to experience wear and tear, so it’s important to remember to maintain them.

If we don’t, debris trapped under the wiper that’s gone unnoticed can create scratches to the windscreen when the wipers are in use. To prevent scratching, it’s best to remove debris from your windscreen while you are activating the water. This will provide some cushioning. Without the water, scratches are more likely to occur.

3. Top up your windscreen wiper fluids

Keeping your wiper fluids constantly topped up is one of the easiest ways to protect your windshield! Capable of maintaining the health of your wipers and preventing you from wiping debris off a dry windscreen, adding this tip to your regular maintenance will substantially pay off. Remembering to top up your fluid is a simple and easy solution to prevent a significant amount of damage to your windscreen. The added benefit is it also happens not to be overly expensive.

4. Replace your windscreen wipers

When you notice your windscreen wipers are starting to inadequately remove water or are making strange noises and movements, it’s a sign to replace them. Over time, the rubber can become sun damaged, or simply wear out. If our windscreen wiper blades are in poor condition, they can press on the windscreen and cause damage. It’s inexpensive to replace your windscreen wipers and much cheaper than delaying it and eventually having to replace the entire windscreen. Our services include replacing your wipers at Novus, which can be completed quickly and conveniently, so play with fire and book in service sooner rather than later.


5. Repair small scratches

It’s easy to assume a small scratch can’t cause much damage, but leaving a seemingly minor scratch can later turn into further damage and a more costly repair. Generally, the rule of thumb is if the scratch is not too severe and the area is still smooth, you might be able to use a DIY scratch removal kit. However, remember to only attempt this if you are confident to do so and if the scratch isn’t in your direct line of vision.

The DIY process is risky, and can potentially make the scratch worse when not in the hands of a professional. The worst outcome is an area looking grimy and streaky, so if you’d rather play it safe, it’s best to contact a professional. Especially if the scratch is deeper and more significant. Whatever you choose, ensure you don’t leave the scratch untreated as it can cause further damage and cracks in the windscreen, potentially requiring entire windscreen replacement.


Why Novus are The Windscreen Experts

While prevention and maintenance are highly recommended and often effective measures to prevent windscreen scratches, sometimes they still do occur. If you do notice a scratch or crack in your windscreen, save yourself the headache and let a professional take a look for you.

Novus specialises in windscreen repair, replacement and maintenance. Contact us today for any inquiries about our services. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for you, keeping you safe on the roads.

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