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How to Prevent Annoying Windscreen Scratches

wiper blade windscreen

The most common damage to windscreens is usually from road debris, collisions or wild weather. But sometimes annoying windscreen scratches can seemingly appear out of nowhere! Some of the lesser-known, or considered culprits that can sneakily scratch our windscreens lay right under our noses. It’s important to be mindful of everything that comes in contact with our beloved glass shield – even the things that are supposed to help it function well. Most of the time we’re hard-pressed to dodge flying debris; but there are ways to prevent accidentally scratching your windscreen yourself.

1. Windscreen wipers

Windscreen wipers should be given attention regularly. It’s easy to take for granted how important their job is in keeping the windscreen free from water, and our vision clear. They’re in close contact with your windscreen constantly, and should be used carefully, and well maintained.

Have you ever had a pesky leaf stuck in your wipers that just won’t dislodge? Just flick the wipers on to get rid of it right? NO don’t do that! Turning on your wipers when your windscreen is dry is a recipe for a dirty, grimy scratch. It’s easy for dirt and small pieces of debris to build up on your wiper blades. Without water to flush them clean, you may as well run a rock over your windscreen. Always activate the water with your wipers if your windscreen is dry.

Wiper blades don’t last forever. The rubber material is extremely susceptible to breaking down and becoming brittle under the tough aussie sun. If your wiper blades are in poor shape, you risk the metal brackets coming into contact with your windscreen and leaving deep scratches in your line of vision. You should replace your wiper blades at the first sign of decay, they’re an inexpensive replacement that play a big part in your safety.

Our services include replacing your wipers in a flash if required, to save your windscreen from suffering any unnecessary damage.

2. Cleaning your windscreen

You can also create scratches on your windscreen through poor or improper cleaning of the glass. To clean automotive glass without causing damage, you should use a soft microfiber cloth when wiping down the windshield and windows. Your auto glass should be properly pre-rinsed and nice and wet when you start your thorough clean.

Using an ammonia-free cleaner for autoglass is an imperative. Using ammonia can dehydrate the glass materials and cause cracks and discolouration. Novus glass cleaner is a foaming DIY glass cleaner that is an easy and effective ammonia-free product.

3. Ensure your fluids are topped up

Washer fluid plays a bigger part in maintaining your windscreen than you might expect. As it’s important to check the health and cleanliness of your wiper blades, your fluids should be checked regularly as well – we recommend at least once per month.

Try and get into the habit of giving your windscreen, wipers and fluids a little bit of love whenever you stop for fuel. It only takes a couple of minutes. Too often we notice our wiper fluid has run out as we’re trying to flush bird poop off our windscreen; we accidentally activate the wipers dry, and smear said seagull turd right across the glass. You’re one of the lucky few if this doesn’t result in a scratch.

windscreen dash camera window

Washer fluid helps your windscreen in two ways:

  • Keeps the windscreen clean and in good condition – a clean windscreen is much less prone to damage than a sparkling clean one.
  • Maintains the health of your wipers. A dirty windscreen can mean dirty or damaged wipers. Activating your wipers with the fluid regularly helps to keep them clean, clear of debris and extend their life expectancy.

4. Can windscreen scratches be removed?

To determine whether or not your scratch can be repaired you’ll need to test the severity. Run your fingernail across the affected area, if you can clearly feel a groove in the surface of the glass you should consult a professional rather than attempt DIY repair. If the area is smooth you might be able to try a DIY scratch removal kit – but we recommend doing so only when the scratch doesn’t impair the driver’s line of vision.

To remove any light scuff marks or scratches in your windscreen, an acrylic scratch remover can be used. Apply this liquid to the affected areas and rub slowly over the scratch with a wet microfiber cloth.

microfibre cloth novus windscreen scratches

For deeper, more significant scratches you should always get your car assessed by an expert. Attempting to repair a deep scratch yourself, without the proper tools can leave the area looking grimy or streaky, and cause the damage to actually worsen! Scratches left untreated can result in a nasty crack and require a windscreen replacement. Novus Glass can assess your windscreen, and provide expert advice on whether your scratch can be repaired.

For the benefit of your hip pocket and the environment, our motto is to repair first, replace when necessary. If it can be fixed, our team will get it done.

If you have a suspect scratch or crack in need of repair, save yourself some time and dollars by visiting our online quote page to enquire about how much it would cost to fix professionally, and under a worry-free lifetime guarantee.

We are the windscreen repair experts. Specialising in windscreen fixing, windscreen replacements, glass restoration and other services. Call 13 22 34 so we can help you get back on the road safely.


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