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Making Your Older Vehicle Run Like New


Having an older car has its perks. They have their charm, class, nostalgic feel and hold many memories that no new car can compete with. It’s easy to see why there’s a deep appreciation for classic cars on a global scale. If cared for well, older cars can run even better than new models. While many of these tips are essential when maintaining any vehicle, they are particularly important for beloved older vehicles. The team at Novus wants you to be able to enjoy your classic car for as long as possible, so we’ve put together some specific suggestions to keep her running in premium condition.
Making Your Older Vehicle Run Like New

How To Keep Older Cars Running for As Long As Possible

1. Change your oil and oil filters

One way to preserve your older vehicle is to schedule regular changing and cleaning of your oil and oil filters. Fresh oil is known to prevent engine issues over time, so checking your vehicle’s manual to best clean your oil filter is one of the best ways to extend your car’s life. Once you get into the habit of regularly checking the oil levels, we assure you it will almost be like second nature.

2. Change your coolant

If you’re not too well reversed in car parts, you’re probably wondering what on earth a coolant is. Coolant is one of the most vital fluids in your car that has the critical job of regulating the engine’s temperature. So you can see, without optimum coolant, things inside your vehicle can start to break down. You may know it as antifreeze, and as the name suggests, it prevents the water in your car from freezing. Whilst that’s not too big of a concern in sunny Australia, coolant also prevents water in your engine from overheating, which is a bigger problem in sunny Australia! The rule of thumb with coolant is that any vehicle with more than 80,000 km should be tested periodically. You’re likely curious how you go about checking this, but it’s easier than you may think. The cooling system can be checked by using test strips that measure acidity and a hydrometer that measures freezing and boiling protection. If you find your car’s corrosion inhibitors have deteriorated, it’s time for your coolant to be renewed. Pretty simple right?

3. Maintain your tyres

Your tyres are an integral part of your safety on the road, but they also keep your car in its pristine condition for longer. It also happens to be one of the most straightforward car maintenance practices and should also be the most frequent check to perform. How regular is regular? Professionals generally recommend checking your car’s tyre pressure every two weeks if you drive it often. But if you are only taking your older vehicle out every other weekend, we encourage you to check it at every refuelling stop. Every 8,000 to 10,000km your car travels, make sure your tyres are rotation checked. Our car’s weight varies from the front to the back, which can cause front tyres to wear down quicker than the rear ones. If you find your tyres do need replacing, it is worth the investment, as driving with faulty tyres can cause further damage to your vehicle and put your ability to efficiently break in jeopardy.


4. Keep it clean

Regularly washing the exterior of your car can help keep it in top condition. However, slacking on regular washes can ruin your paint job. Hello, future paint repairs. To preserve your car’s paint, we suggest you wax your vehicle at least four times a year to keep it shiny. Keeping your car shiny is for more than just aesthetics. A maintained car will have minor corrosion and rust, preserve the paint and even remove allergens from the ventilation system.

5. Don’t skip on the minor repairs

It’s easy to overlook and skimp on the small repairs, because well, they look small! And sometimes even noticeable to others. However, the more time you put into maintaining your vehicle, the longer it will last. Remember that little tear in your upholstery? If left, that has the potential to get worse, so it’s always a good idea to repair smaller repairs when they are first spotted.

6. Upgrade your electronics

If you want to give your classic vehicle a modern twist, there’s nothing better than incorporating electronic upgrades. Some electronic upgrades we suggest include:

  • GPS navigation system: If your vehicle doesn’t have a GPS installed, you can purchase a portable system that fits comfortably in your car.
  • Car audio: Older vehicles don’t typically have functions such as Bluetooth and hands-free compatibility. To spurs up your classic vehicle, you can purchase units with Bluetooth, AUX and USB connectivity to give your car a much-needed media upgrade. Especially if it only previously supported tapes or CDs.
  • Reversing camera: Installing a reversing camera is relatively cheap. It not only improves the modernness of your vehicle but can help prevent accidents. Reduced accidents mean fewer repairs and potentially a longer life for your vehicle.

7. Get regular services

Similar to not skipping over small repairs, neither should your regularly scheduled services. With regular services, your car can ensure any issues are found and dealt with quickly before there’s time for them to grow worse. In addition, a professional service from a trusted automobile technician can help find any problems you may have missed. Services also help determine if any parts need replacing.


8. Repair worn down windscreens

Besides the obvious issues of visibly cracked, chipped or smashed windscreens, general wear and tear can significantly degrade the value of your vehicle. Over time, your windscreen tint can fade or endure windscreen pitting. Your first line of defence is your windscreen, so leaving it vulnerable to damages can cost you more than a repair bill. If you think you have windscreen damage, Novus is here to fix any issues as they arise.

The beauty of older, classic cars is that they were built more to be more reliable than many modern automobiles we see today that have been over-engineered. With a little bit of TLC, you can keep your timeless vehicle running for longer, allowing you to enjoy its charm and quirks for as long as possible. If the time comes to sell your vehicle, implementing these tips will also boost the resale value of your car. So it’s a win-win situation either way. If you notice any of the defects we have mentioned, no matter how big or small, contact Novus today for a quote and specialised advice on 13 22 34 or book a service online. With the help and care from our experienced and trusted team, your safety, comfort and ride are guaranteed to improve.

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