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My windscreen cracked – What now?

A cracked windscreen doesn’t have to mean a replaced windscreen. Novus Glass are the auto glass repair experts.

Your windscreen has been damaged. Here’s what happens next.

Short Answer: Novus Auto Glass.

Long Answer: Also Novus Auto Glass, but here’s why:


Car windscreen replacement is expensive, repairing a windscreen is cheaper. Across the industry, auto glass shops generally repair less than 10% of windscreens on average. Windscreen chip repair can cost as little as $99 while replacing an entire windscreen can reach more than $3000. Novus is the only exception and has the unique philosophy of “Repair first, replace only when necessary”. Unlike its competitors, Novus replaces around 30% of the windscreens that come into their shops. With Novus, windscreens are only replaced if:

  • The customer asks for a replacement

Novus Glass always puts the customer’s needs first. You will always be asked what course of action you would prefer to

take. After assessing the damaged windscreen, Novus will present you with your options and proceed on your instruction.

  • The windscreen is too badly damaged

If Novus can’t fix it, nobody can. Novus prefers to repair wherever possible, but sometimes a windscreen may be damaged beyond repair. Even so, Novus will give you the best deal possible for the windscreen replacement.


Life gets busy at times, and it isn’t always feasible to find the time to make it to a workshop. It also isn’t always safe to drive after your car has been damaged. Especially with a chipped or cracked windscreen, driving even small distances to an auto shop can be dangerous because of how they impede your vision. Novus is mobile-first and is always available to come to you. The Novus vans Are fully functional, portable glass repair workshops, which can repair or replace your windscreen even in your driveway.


Did you know if your front camera system is even 1mm off after a windscreen is repaired or replaced, it can put you at very serious risk of a crash? If the camera or sensors are not properly calibrated and are out by as little as one degree, they can fail to detect hazards which could result in the vehicle’s safety features not working correctly. That’s why you should chose Novus Glass, as they offer a complete recalibration service. It’s no use to get your glass repaired only to render your vehicle unsafe.


Novus Glass has been providing high-quality auto glass repair for 50 years. It takes authentic experience to provide truly top-quality results. When Dr Frank Werner had to replace three windscreens one after the other, all for small breaks, he began work on a solution. Decades later, that solution is still providing the best windscreen repair on the market. Novus outclasses all its competitors not only in its rate of repair vs replacement but also in the quality of its repairs. Using its own patented resins and equipment, Novus knows what needs to be done to get your windscreen as close to its original factory condition as possible.

Q: Can you fix a chipped windscreen?

Yes! Novus Glass are the experts in car glass repair.    

Q: How do they repair windscreen chips?

Novus uses its patent-protected repair resin which can re-seal anything from small chips to cracks over 30cm. The finished result is a windscreen that is structurally as good as new.

Q: Can you fix a windscreen chip with superglue?

No! It is strongly discouraged that you try to take windscreen repair into your own hands without proper equipment and training. Novus has the glass products and the experience to get it sorted. Let our team of experts come to you.

Find a NOVUS Glass expert near you or call 13 22 34  today to schedule your windshield repair.

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