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Repairing is Caring: Things You Need To Know About Repairing Your Windscreen


Bet you’re looking at the crack on your windscreen wondering how that happened and how you’re going to fix it? There are alternatives such as windscreen replacement or if you can’t afford that, there are the repair DIY kits available online or instore. But be warned, not all DIY kits are worth it. The other option is to ask an Autoglass care professional (glazier) to do the repair for you. Depending on the size of the crack, it could well and truly be an easy job that would take less than an hour to cure. But what goes into the repair resin? What is it made of? More or less what about your windscreen? Is it strong enough to be repaired? Your front windscreen is made from laminated glass and this affects the repair process. Though, if you choose not to repair it now, that crack can lead to a ‘spiderweb feature’ on your windscreen, leaving your view obstructed! Here’s what we’d recommend for you.


According to, over a million windscreens are replaced each year and this also includes cracked windscreens. Furthermore, Budget Direct recorded that in Queensland alone, in the past two decades, over 6,200 injuries had been reported as a result of car accidents which saw an increase of 8.6% nationwide. To reduce the cost of a replacement and further injury, perhaps repairing the windscreen is more suitable. If you’re thinking of having your windscreen repaired professionally, there are a few things to consider such as the strength of your windscreen.

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The Glass

Your windscreen is made from bonding layers of glass with heat and pressure and a resing called polyvinyl butyral (PVB). The PVB is the plastic layer between the two glass panes. This is to prevent the glass from shattering into pieces and instead holds all pieces together in the event of an accident. So, when your windscreen is cracked, the resin is applied and acts as a mould to blend the layers together making the whole piece of glass smooth and transparent. When the resin is applied and blends the layers together, this then makes the windscreen stronger. Because it’s made from laminated glass, the windscreen was formed and shaped in a curve-like position to break or take any impact during an accident making the windscreen a windshield.

However, there are different types of resins out there. This all depends on the viscosity. Viscosity is a liquid that is determined by the resistance of deformation at a given rate. This liquid is made from a sticky or semi-fluid consistency and is measured in centipoise (cP). If your crack in your windscreen is worse than you thought, then you need a resin that has high cP’s. The higher the cP’s, the thicker the resin. But then again, if the crack or chip has pierced the glass and the PVB layer, then your windscreen will need to be repaired immediately. When the layers are pierced, this means the glass is already starting to separate from the plastic layer and therefore cannot be repaired as the chip is too deep.

In the event of an accident, the windscreen would not hold every piece of glass together and will most likely shatter into thousands of pieces. Hence the immediate replacement option. However, there is also low viscosity resin available on the market but these resins only fix minor damage such as cracks or chips that haven’t spread.

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Maintaining Your Windscreen

So, once your windscreen is repaired, what do you do to ensure it stays crystal clear? Below are a few things to consider when maintaining the quality of your windscreen post repair.

  • Keep Windscreen Clean: Always keep your windscreen clear from dirt and grime as this can cause further damage to your windscreen and wipers.
  • Avoid Washing Your Car Straight after a repair or replacement: Your windscreen’s seal needs to set after being repaired. adding soapy water to the mix could cause the seal to deteriorate quickly so we suggest leaving it for a couple of days after it’s repaired.
  • Windscreen Wipers Must Be Replaced: It’s a good idea to replace filthy or old wipers as they can be the main culprits in damaging your new windscreen. Damage includes scraping, scattering and scratch marks.
  • Check Whistling or Leaking In Your Car: Always check to see if your windscreen is making a whistling noise or there is water leaking in your car, chances are the seal has probably deteriorated and needs replacing. Contact your local windscreen specialists and they will advise you on what to do.
  • Keeping Your Dash and Surrounding Areas Clear: Never park your car near wide or standout objects as they can be a hindrance to damaging your vehicle. We recommend parking in an open-spaced area.
  • Be Gentle And Vigilant: Always be careful when washing your windscreen and try to bear in mind the products you’re using to clean your glass.
  • Always Use The Right Fabric On Your Windscreen: It’s typical to find that after cleaning your windscreen, it creates slight scratch marks. This can be easily avoided if you purchase the right glass cloth. This glass cloth is specifically designed to prevent scratches leaving you with a crystal clear view.
  • Leave A Window Slightly Open: In order to prevent air pressure from damaging your windscreen, leave your window wound down to allow cool air to circulate throughout the car.
  • Never Remove The Tape Immediately: Never remove the retention tape after it’s repaired. That tape is supposed to prevent the seal from the weathered elements and assist in drying. If it’s removed straight after, this will damage the seal permanently.
  • Thoroughly Check Your Windscreen Regularly: When you have the time, check your windscreen regularly to see if there are any cracks, scratches or chips noticeable. This helps you stay on top of things in the long run.



If you’re looking to have your windscreen repaired, it’s more affordable than you may think. Novus Auto Glass offers five good reasons to repair your windscreen instead of replacing it. Their quality services and products will help you see things clearer and back on the road in no time. Contact the Windscreen Repair and Replacement Experts for more information or for an enquiry.

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