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The Effects of Summer Heat On A Windscreen Chip

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Sometimes it’s as if our windscreens are a magnetic force field for airborne stones and debris. Minor chips in the windscreen are common, annoying and can occur very easily. But it’s no problem if it doesn’t block your line of vision right? Wrong. The Novus team have seen many small chips escalate into a garish crack before the driver could say, “Ah, i’ll get to it next week.”

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having a small chip on your windscreen this summer, don’t be complacent. Windscreens are notorious for cracking under pressure and turning a small problem into a big one.

During the summer months, your car takes on added stress from increased heat intensity, especially under our scorching Aussie sun. When temperatures begin to soar, a small inconspicuous chip can spread like lightning into a large ominous crack; and therefore a costly full windscreen replacement.

The difference between a chip, scratch and crack

Your car windscreen is typically comprised of laminated glass. It is essentially two glass layers with a thin layer of adhesive vinyl between them. Minor chips or cracks will usually affect the outer layer of the glass only, without reaching the interior layer. But this doesn’t mean you’re safe on the inside.

-A chip is a general term referring to a small groove of damage on a windscreen. It can be repaired quickly, efficiently and affordably depending on the size and location of the damage

-A windscreen scratch could be the result of wipers that are ill-fitting or in poor condition, or dirt and debris. If light and shallow, a scratch typically won’t affect the structural integrity of the glass and can also be repaired without the need for a windscreen replacement.

-A crack is a distinct line that runs across the windscreen. It will cause weakness in the integrity of the windscreen and can quickly worsen. If the crack is large, or stemming from the edge of the windscreen, it is usually beyond repair and the windscreen will require replacement from a professional.

What happens when the temperature starts to rise?

Extreme hot and cold temperatures cause your car’s windshield to expand and contract. Intense heat causes the glass to naturally expand. As you can imagine, if the exterior surface of the glass is compromised even in a minute way, it is a point of weakness. Your tiny chip can quickly expand itself into a whopping crack.

Likewise, opposing temperatures between the inside and outside of your car can multiply the pressure. On a hot day the first thing we do when we jump into our humid car is crank the aircon to arctic levels in order to cool it down. This rapid cooling effect, coupled with the glass-swelling heat outside adds enormous stress on an already damaged windscreen. The first place for this strain to show – is your small chip. Witnessing a developing crack while you’re driving can be frightening experience and a dangerous distraction from the road.

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How can you stop a windscreen chip from turning into a crack?

Avoid driving your car and try to keep it parked undercover or in the shade where possible.
Get help quickly, you don’t have to be inconvenienced and without your car for the day if it the damage can be repaired. Our Novus Auto Glass experts will come to you for an assessment, provide a quote, and execute a speedy repair under 30 minutes. You’ll be on your way safely with the peace of mind of a lifetime guarantee on the repair work.

So how do we do it? The area is thoroughly cleaned, dried and prepared. Novus technicians apply an industry leading resurfacing resin which is cured and polished with our modern equipment and technology. It’s important to use a high quality resin in our climate to ensure the repair can stand strong and withstand the elements.

The result? As good as new! With the windscreen integrity restored, you’ll barely be able to spot where the repair took place – if at all. All done for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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Can all windscreen chips be repaired?

Unfortunately, not all chips and cracks can be repaired; but we do our very best to repair first and replace only when necessary. We have patented the technology to repair decent sized windscreen cracks of up to 15 cm. It all depends on the severity, location and age of the damage, and the overall condition of your windscreen.

Windscreen glass is the only type of autoglass that can be repaired. If you sustain damage to your side or rear window glass, it will require replacing.

Don’t give your windscreen an excuse to crack it this summer

Why risk further damage and compromised safety when it’s not necessary? If you’ve been ignoring your minor windscreen damage this summer, you better get cracking and call the friendly Novus team today. We’ll recommend the best plan of action to get you back on the road as quickly as possible with the least negative impact on your wallet.

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