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The Special Chemicals That Fix Your Broken Windscreen

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If you’ve ever had a windscreen repair then you’ve likely seen your technician whip out that special resin that fills in all the annoying cracks and chips in your windscreen. You may think this resin is just some sort of glorified super glue but it’s so much more than that. Windscreen resin is a particularly potent chemical formula that is designed to retain the strength of your windscreen when cracked or chipped – which by the way, the cracks make your car’s glass significantly weaker and prone to shattering. A bit of this resin applied with the right technique leaves you with a nearly brand new looking windscreen or window – but while it looks super easy to handle, this compound can be tricky to work with, even dangerous. So, it’s a good idea to see a professional to service your autoglass.

Today, we’re going to explain to you what makes this resin so special and powerful, and why it can save your chipped windscreen swiftly and safely.

What is Resin?

Windscreen repair resin is made of acrylic acid, an organic compound that is commonly used for polishes, adhesives, and coatings. It is also a chemical that needs to be handled with care and caution. Getting this resin on paint, plastic, or other areas of the vehicle that aren’t the windscreen, can cause unwanted damage. In addition, windscreen resin can be toxic to human skin and eyes. More severe burn-like reactions can occur if contact occurs and is left untreated, or if you have sensitive skin. In addition to this, there is also the chance of developing contact dermatitis from polyurethane/methacrylates in windscreen repair chemicals. This is why it’s recommended that you contact professionals that are trained in the application of resin to provide you with a seamless and safe job on your windscreen repair.

If you are adamant on repairing at home, then it’s a good idea to purchase a pair of nitrile gloves. Also, for extra precaution, you can try out acid free resins, to protect your skin. However, a trade-off is that the adhesion is not as powerful with acid free resins. Further, acid free resins can still damage paint and upholstery.

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Why is Resin Used?

As previously mentioned, resin is an incredibly strong substance and it’s strength makes it highly suitable to use on autoglass for repair work. One of the benefits of using resin to repair windscreens is that technicians are able to salvage more windscreens and save them from the tip. This is not only more economical, but it’s better for the environment.

On top of this, windscreen repair resin is also designed to have the same refractive index as the windshield glass itself. This means that light will travel through resin at the same velocity as through your windscreen glass. Understandably, this is very important. If light doesn’t travel through this glass at the same velocity, this can lead to a distorted view, which is not safe for driving.

Using non-industry standard resin, however, can compromise both of these features. Going to a professional, on the other hand, guarantees a proper repair job will be done. At Novus, we use a patented leading industry resin and proper equipment to repair cracks or chips. After injecting our resin, the technician will then cure and polish the glass to return it to between approximately 75% and 95% of the original optical clarity.

Overall, it’s important to opt for quality over price. Saving a few dollars on a repair is not worth risking your health for, especially as inexpensive resin products can contain a very high concentrate of acrylic acid or other chemicals that increase your chances of developing hyper-sensitivity.

Benefits to Getting a Professional Service

  • Accuracy of the repair
  • Professional handling of the resin can reduce risk of spilling, touching or misplacing the potentially hazardous chemical.
  • The technician will assess the damage and ensure the correct method of repair is being taken out. This is important as if the crack is too big, it will be safer to get a replacement.
  • Ensures safety of not only the driver but all people within the car.
  • If your car is relatively new, you may have ADAS technology. Your car’s windscreen may be jigged up to the computer system of your car. If so, it will have sensors all over it and will need to be repaired by a professional to maintain its high tech capabilities.
  • Some companies offer lifetime guarantees, meaning they will stand by their product and make sure your windscreen repair remains intact for the life of your vehicle.


windscreen crack resin chemicals novus autoglass

Repair Aftercare

To retain the integrity of your resin in the time after your repair, there are a few things you can do. These steps are especially important if you’ve undertaken a DIY repair job. Keep your windscreen protected by doing the following.

  • Leave the retention tape in place until advised otherwise.
  • Avoid washing your car for a few days straight after the repair. The resin may need some time to fully bond with the glass and set. Also, washing with a high pressure cleaner or going through a car wash can be rough and place too much pressure on the newly fixed windscreen. If it’s completely necessary, gently hand wash your car to avoid damage.
  • In an overall sense, washing your car by hand is always the best option. This is the most gentle and keeps grit and grime off the windscreen. Ensure you clean the inside of your windscreen and windows as well.
  • Check your windscreen wipers. Check to see if they are worn or rough to the touch as they may need replacing. This will ensure you don’t scratch your newly repaired windscreen or push unwanted material into the repair.
  • To ensure the job has been done properly, check for leaking or whistling. This will indicate whether any holes or gaps have been left. This is also something to look out for if your repair is old – it may need to be replaced or resealed.
  • Be gentle
  • Use the right cleaning cloth
  • Use the right cleaning chemicals. You should always use products that are primarily for motor vehicle use. To learn more about our recommendations, check out this article on car cleaning products.


When a Repair Doesn’t Cut it.

Windscreen repair is a time effective, cost effective, and environmentally effective solution to fixing a broken windscreen. The goal of windscreen repair is to return the windscreen glass as close as possible to its original state – in strength, safety, and appearance. This means the repair resin bonding with the windscreen is extremely important for structural integrity. Sometimes when cracks are too big, deep, or wide, or cover too great of a surface area, resin alone just won’t do. Resin is great, but it’s no miracle cure – sometimes you’re better off just getting a replacement.

At Novus, we don’t compromise on safety. That’s why if your windscreen is too far gone, we’ll encourage you to get a replacement. Our windscreen replacements are efficient and come with a lifetime guarantee, to give you peace of mind knowing our glass is built to last. Contact Novus today to get your windscreen repaired or replaced by experienced and trustworthy technicians.

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