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A Smashed Car Window Can Be Replaced In Less Than An Hour. Here’s how.

windscreenNo doubt a smashed window on your four-wheeled pride and joy is a major inconvenience. There are many culprits that can cause windscreen and car window damage, none of which we’re prepared for. Break in’s, rogue rocks kicked up from other vehicles, wildlife with poor “left, right and left again” skills, hail and storm damage, the list goes on. Whatever the cause, it really is important to get a smashed window replaced, and smaller cracks repaired. Even tiny chips out of your line of sight can dangerously impact the strength and integrity of your windscreen, which supports your roof in a crash or rollover. It is never safe to drive with damage to your auto glass.

Can side and rear car windows be repaired?

As windscreen repair specialists, some customers are surprised to learn that we can’t repair cracks or chips to side or rear windows. This is because they’re constructed of a different type of glass and designed to behave in different ways. Windscreens are comprised of laminated glass and is constructed of two sheets of glass with a fine polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer between them. The three pieces are fused together in an autoclave, applying heat and pressure. When small objects strike the exterior glass, usually it’s only the outer layer of the windshield that is damaged. Thus, we’re able to repair the problem spot without compromising on safety.

polyvinyl butyral layerSide and rear windows are a tempered glass product. Often called safety glass, tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces when broken, to minimise the risk of injury to passengers from large dangerous shards. Even the smallest crack on a side or rear window can’t be repaired, and will require replacement. So there’s no one-size fits all approach to window repair and replacement. Auto glass damage should be expertly assessed accurately to ensure the right types of adhesives and techniques are applied.

What other types of windscreen and window damage is there?

smashed windowsWindscreen repairs are not limited only to smashed windows, cracks and chips. If a vehicle has been involved in an accident, sometimes your windscreen or windows can become displaced in their bracket. To reseat the glass properly, a quick setting urethane adhesive is required. Another common repair is the window seal, which requires a polyurethane caulking adhesive. Chips and cracks are repaired using a top quality resurfacing resin which is cured and polished.
You should always avoid the DIY approach when it comes to the safety of your vehicle.

How long does a smashed window repair or replacement take?

It’s all too common for people to continue driving with a crack in their windscreen. Many assume it’s going to be a costly and time consuming repair or replacement process, and they’ll be inconvenienced without their vehicle for too long. Other’s worry about whether arranging repair will compromise an insurance claim. The truth is, that with modern equipment and technology, fixing a smashed window is now faster, cheaper and easier than ever.

  • Our technicians can repair cracks and chips in 20-30mins depending on the severity of the damage.
  • The NOVUS team can replace your windscreen or auto glass in less than an hour
  • We send you on your way safely with a lifetime guarantee on all your automotive glass replacements.

We also help with a hassle-free claim on your insurance, and all our work complies with Australia and New Zealand’s safety standards. We strictly adhere to all regulations, and are part of the Auto Glass Association who work tirelessly to lift auto glass industry standards.

Our fully mobile service will come to you. So there’s no excuse!

Don’t leave your damaged auto glass to get worse. Not only are you putting yourself, your family, and even other drivers at risk, you’ll cost yourself more in the long-run. Chips and cracks left too long will worsen, and may result in the need of replacement. They can also become contaminated by the elements, making the repair more involved, and may result in reduced optical clarity in the repair spot.

Get it done quickly, and get it done right. If you’re looking for more information or advice, give us a call or visit our FAQ’s. NOVUS is all about repair first, replace only when necessary. When you’re ready assess the damage, request a quote or booking online, we’ll have you back on the road safely in no time.

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