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Meet the faces behind NOVUS Glass – NOVUS glass Toowoomba: Debbie and John

NOVUS Glass Toowoomba

Introducing you to the faces and stories behind the NOVUS glass franchises.

Tony’s Community Kitchen recently paid a visit to NOVUS Glass in Toowoomba Queensland to get some urgent repairs done to their van. Tony’s provides meals to those who are experiencing homelessness. NOVUS glass fixed up their van and sent them on their way at no cost and in time for work that night.

Over 150 volunteers donate their time to serving an evening meal for those in need in the Toowoomba region, 7 nights a week, 365 days a year. Tony Hurle and the Tony’s Community Kitchen team have so far supplied over 50 thousand meals and 300 loads of laundry and showers for residents of Toowoomba and Darling Downs who experience housing and economic difficulties, or isolation.

Recently, the van used by the group to transport all their meals was vandalized and it had a cracked windscreen. Luckily, they are right around the corner from NOVUS Toowoomba who they use for any windscreen repairs or windscreen replacements. Tony took it in to see John, Debbie, and the team to get any necessary glass repaired. When Tony came back in to pay, he was told he wouldn’t be charged a thing.

Debbie mentioned to me that “After we told them they didn’t have to pay there were tears [from Tony], so there were tears from me. It was all very emotional.”

It is inspiring to work with such caring and generous people who are so willing to give back to their community and support other groups whose values align on this.

We are so proud to be part of a network of Franchisees like Debbie and John who are kind, compassionate and love to support their local community. There are many more NOVUS Auto Glass shops in the community, and we want you to meet them all and hear their stories.

Keep your eyes peeled to meet more of our NOVUS glass Franchisees and the corporate team and get to know the faces behind NOVUS.

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About NOVUS Glass

NOVUS Glass is part of Fix Network, the global leader in the automotive aftermarket services sector. As a longstanding trusted brand, NOVUS customers have come to rely on the experts for their windshield repair and replacement needs. With their Repair First, Replace When Necessary® commitment, NOVUS Glass can repair more windshields with greater optical clarity and structural integrity than any other system in the industry and guarantees repairs for the life of the windshield. With over 1,300 points of service worldwide NOVUS continues to lead the industry in glass repair and replacement. For more information, visit

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