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ADAS Technology

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are becoming increasingly prevalent in newer vehicles, protecting the driver, passengers and pedestrians from collisions. ADAS sensors work together to control systems such as emergency braking, blind spot monitoring, collision avoidance, pedestrian detection, and lane departure control, among others. 

When a windscreen is being replaced, the front camera connected to your windscreen should always be re-calibrated, to ensure the system is precise and functions as the vehicle engineers designed it to be. While it sounds as a simple operation, calibration of ADAS systems is a highly complex process that requires special expertise to ensure that all systems are optimised for safe driving. Even one degree, or 1mm off, could cause a camera or sensor to fail and unable to detect an object by many meters, thus rendering the vehicle’s safety components ineffective.

NOVUS Glass technicians are specially trained to restore windscreens as close as possible to their original OEM condition, including windscreen repair, new windscreen installation, ADAS calibration, alignment of the forward-facing front camera and using our proprietary ADAS Windscreen Repair Resin to fix the damage to front-facing cameras.

We are the only automotive glass repair and replacement company to feature a repair resin specifically tailored to ADAS-equipped vehicles that can ensure maximum optical clarity while eliminating costly windscreen and calibration.

NOVUS Glass is your one-stop shop to handle all your ADAS auto glass repair, replacement and calibration requirements.

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La résine de réparation de pare-brise NOVUS SAAC est conçue pour les véhicules équipés de SAAC.
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