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Our Experts Offer Professional Windscreen Replacement, Chip Repair, Crack Repair, ADAS Calibration, and Mobile Service

At NOVUS Glass Devonport, we specialise in top-notch windscreen repair and replacement services. Our skilled technicians also offer expert window tinting, headlight restoration, and wiper blades replacement to ensure your vehicle's optimal performance. Trust us for quality solutions in Devonport, Australia--enhancing your safety and visibility on the road.

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    Reliable Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Devonport, Tasmania

    NOVUS Glass Devonport is your premier destination for all your auto glass needs. With a focus on windscreen repair and replacement in Devonport, our skilled technicians go above and beyond to ensure your safety and satisfaction on the road. We prioritise windscreen repair over replacement, saving you time and money. When windscreen replacement becomes necessary, rest assured that we meet and exceed industry standards for your peace of mind. After replacing your windscreen, our skilled technicians ensure that your vehicle’s ADAS is precisely calibrated. ADAS calibration is crucial for the optimal functioning and reliability of your vehicle’s safety features. Our expertise extends beyond glass services, as NOVUS Glass Devonport services extend to window tinting for added comfort and privacy and headlight restoration for enhanced visibility. If you’re wondering how often windscreen wipers should be replaced, bring your vehicle to our shop. We’ll help you keep up with your wiper blades replacement to keep your windscreen clear in all conditions. NOVUS Glass Devonport is your one-stop solution for all things auto glass and more. 

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    NOVUS Glass Devonport FAQs:

    At NOVUS Glass, we recommend replacing a cracked windscreen under certain conditions. If the crack is large, in the driver’s line of sight, or extends to the windscreen’s edge, it’s crucial for safety. Our expert technicians, located in the Devonport area, can assess the damage and provide the best solution for your situation.

    We understand the significance of ADAS calibration. It is crucial to ensure the proper functioning of advanced driver-assistance systems. Accurate calibration is essential for features like lane-keeping assistance and adaptive cruise control to work effectively. Our expert technicians at NOVUS Glass Devonport have the knowledge and equipment required for precise ADAS calibration.

    The frequency of headlight restoration depends on various factors, like driving conditions and maintenance. At NOVUS Glass, we recommend considering headlight restoration when you notice reduced clarity or visibility. Our skilled technicians in the Devonport area can assess your headlights and guide the right timing for restoration.

    Our skilled technicians at Devonport can professionally tint car windows for you. DIY tinting can be challenging, so it’s best to rely on experts for a quality job. We use high-quality materials and have the expertise to ensure precise and even window tinting. Contact NOVUS Glass for a professional car window tinting service that enhances your vehicle’s aesthetics, privacy, and UV protection.

    If you are in the Devonport region and require mobile auto glass repair services, just complete our ‘Request an Auto Glass Repair Quote’ form, share your location and vehicle details, and we will swiftly arrange a convenient appointment with you. For urgent assistance, feel free to reach out to us directly at 0499 900 746 or send an enquiry to

    Contact NOVUS Glass Devonport for your windscreen repair and replacement quote.

    Our Services

    Windshield icon showing repairable auto glass damage from a rock chip.

    Windscreen Chip Repair

    NOVUS Glass patented and proven repair method is a safe and effective way to fix damage caused by a stone or other object hitting the outside layer of the glass causing a windscreen chip.

    Windshield icon showing repairable auto glass damage resulting in a windshield crack.

    Windscreen Crack Repair

    Did you know that many windscreen cracks can be repaired? NOVUS Glass offers fast and affordable repair for small and long cracks on your vehicle’s windscreen.

    Windshield icon showing clear glass after a windshield replacement.

    Windscreen Replacement

    When windscreen damage is beyond repair, NOVUS Glass uses only the highest quality materials to replace your windscreen, maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

    ADAS Calibration

    Calibration is necessary to ensure Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) operate safety to manufacturer’s standards after your windscreen replacement.

    Car Window Seal Repair

    Keeping your car’s glass seal in good health is essential for a safe drive. NOVUS can repair or replace damaged glass seals efficiently, under warranty and to Australian standards.

    Other Auto Glass

    Auto Glass Services

    We offer quality auto glass repair and replacement for rear windows, side windows, and for all types of vehicles and machinery.

    Vehicle headlight icon showing the before and after effects of headlight restoration. Cloudy before and clear after.

    Headlight Restoration

    NOVUS Glass headlight restoration services can restore your headlights to appear brand new at the fraction of the cost of replacing them.

    Multi Vehicle Glass Repair

    We offer auto glass repair and replacement services for caravans, trucks, utility vehicles, plant equipment and more.

    Windscreen Wipers Replacement

    Old worn-out wipers can cause streaks and damage windscreens. NOVUS can replace and adjust these temperamental yet critical part of your car.

    Icon showing “Same Day Service”.

    Same Day Services

    We offer same day windscreen repair services. Some conditions may apply. See store for details.

    Authorised Vendor

    Authorised Vendor

    We are an authorised supplier for major fleet companies as well as an authorised provider for major insurance companies. Contact us today to learn more.

    window tinting

    Car Window Tinting

    We offer automotive tinting services for all makes and models. Contact us today for all your window tinting needs.

    Areas We Service

    Greens Beach, Kelso, York Town, Beauty Point, Beaconsfield, Flowery Gully, Sidmouth, Loira, Robigana, Gravelly Beach, Exeter, Lanena, Grindelwald, Bridgenorth, Notley Hills, Glengarry, Winkleigh, Wolwell, Frankford, Birralee, Deloraine, Exton, Elizabeth Town, Moltema, Weetah, Red Hills, Needles, Chudleigh, Mole Creek,Weegena, Lower Beulah, Beulah, Mayberry, Mersey Forest, Liena, Mount Roland, Cethana, Staverton, Gowrie Park Claude Road, Sheffield, Stoodley, Kimberley, Nowhere Else, West Kentish, Roland, Promised Land, Erriba Wilmot, Middlesex, Moina, Erriba, South Nietta, Nietta, Upper Castra, Bakers Beach, Hawley Beach, Port Sorell, Squeaking Point, Harford, Thirlstane, Moriarty, Wesley Vale, Northdown, Latrobe, Sassafras, Kimberley, Merseylea, Sunnyside, Stoodley, Railton, Devenport, Stony Rise, Spreyton, South Spreyton, Aberdeen, Acacia Hills, Eugenana, Nook, Shafffield, West Kentish, Roland, Lower Wilmot, Kindred, Forth, Turners Beach, Lillico, Ulverstone, Gawler, Abbotsham, Spalford, Sprent, Kindred, Lower Wilmot, North Motton, Gunns Plains, Loyetea, South Riana, Riana, Penguin, West Pine, Cuprona, Sulphur Creek, Howth, Natone, Upper Natone, Hempshire, Oonah, Tewkesbury, Highclere, Ridgley, Upper Burnie, South Burnie, Burnie, Somerset, Cooee, Elliott, Yolla, Henrietta, Mount Hicks, Oldina, Calder, Doctors Rocks, Takone, Wynyard, Meunna, Milabena, Sisters Creek, Table Cape, Flowerdale, Boat Harbour Beach, Sisters Beach, Montumana, Rocky Cape, Crayfish Creek, Black River, Wiltshire, Stanley, Forest, South Forest, Mengha, Alcomie, Lileah, Nabageena, Edith Creek, Scotchtown, Smithton, Mella, Broadmeadows, Christmas Hills, Brittons Swamp, Togari, Redpa, Marrawah

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