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Our Experts Offer Professional Windscreen Replacement, Chip Repair, Crack Repair, ADAS Calibration, and Mobile Service

At NOVUS Glass Tamworth, we offer premium auto glass repairs from windscreen crack repair to windscreen chip repair for road safety and clarity.

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    Reliable Auto Glass Repair and Replacement in Tamworth, New South Wales

    NOVUS Glass Tamworth is your go-to destination for comprehensive auto glass services. If you are wondering, where can I get my windscreen replaced then there is no need to explore further. If you require a windscreen replacement in Tamworth, NOVUS Glass is the one-stop place for you. Our expertise covers everything from windscreen chip repair to windscreen replacement Tamworth wide, ensuring your vehicle’s safety and clarity on the road. We offer convenient mobile windscreen chip repair services, bringing our expertise right to your doorstep. Our team is dedicated to providing you with top-notch auto glass repairs, using advanced techniques and quality materials to ensure lasting results. Whether it’s a minor chip repair or a replacement, trust NOVUS Glass Tamworth to restore your windshield to its original condition. With our reliable service and commitment to excellence, you can drive with confidence knowing your auto glass needs are in capable hands.

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    NOVUS Glass Tamworth FAQs:

    Yes, it is legal to drive with a cracked windscreen if you have a clear view of the road and traffic. However, we advise you to have windscreen damage assessed by a professional to ensure compliance with road safety laws in NSW. Reach out to our experts located in the Tamworth area to get more information.

    At NOVUS Glass, we recommend that you do not drive the car immediately after having the windscreen replaced. The adhesive must be set for 30–60 minutes to be safe to drive. Contact NOVUS Glass professionals for additional information on windscreen replacement.

    Yes, stone chips on the windscreen can often be repaired, depending on their size, location, and severity. Typically, stone chips less than the size of a 50c coin are repairable. Please consult with our experts at NOVUS Glass for prompt attention to your windscreen stone chips.

    Rely on NOVUS Glass for the best auto glass repair services in Tamworth, NSW. We offer top-quality auto glass repair services by skilled technicians using advanced techniques and materials. We prioritise customer satisfaction and ensure that your auto glass is repaired to the highest standards, restoring its integrity and clarity.

    If you are in the Tamworth area and want to schedule a mobile auto glass service with NOVUS Glass, simply call on 13 22 34 or email us at We will arrange for our technicians to come to your location at your preferred time for the auto glass services.

    Contact NOVUS Glass Tamworth for your windscreen repair and replacement quote.

    Our Services

    Windshield icon showing repairable auto glass damage from a rock chip.

    Windscreen Chip Repair

    NOVUS Glass patented and proven repair method is a safe and effective way to fix damage caused by a stone or other object hitting the outside layer of the glass causing a windscreen chip.

    Windshield icon showing repairable auto glass damage resulting in a windshield crack.

    Windscreen Crack Repair

    Did you know that many windscreen cracks can be repaired? NOVUS Glass offers fast and affordable repair for small and long cracks on your vehicle’s windscreen.

    Windshield icon showing clear glass after a windshield replacement.

    Windscreen Replacement

    When windscreen damage is beyond repair, NOVUS Glass uses only the highest quality materials to replace your windscreen, maintaining the safety of your vehicle.

    ADAS Calibration

    Calibration is necessary to ensure Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) operate safety to manufacturer’s standards after your windscreen replacement.

    Car Window Seal Repair

    Keeping your car’s glass seal in good health is essential for a safe drive. NOVUS can repair or replace damaged glass seals efficiently, under warranty and to Australian standards.

    Other Auto Glass

    Auto Glass Services

    We offer quality auto glass repair and replacement for rear windows, side windows, and for all types of vehicles and machinery.

    Vehicle headlight icon showing the before and after effects of headlight restoration. Cloudy before and clear after.

    Headlight Restoration

    NOVUS Glass headlight restoration services can restore your headlights to appear brand new at the fraction of the cost of replacing them.

    Multi Vehicle Glass Repair

    We offer auto glass repair and replacement services for caravans, trucks, utility vehicles, plant equipment and more.

    Windscreen Wipers Replacement

    Old worn-out wipers can cause streaks and damage windscreens. NOVUS can replace and adjust these temperamental yet critical part of your car.

    Icon showing “Same Day Service”.

    Same Day Services

    We offer same day windscreen repair services. Some conditions may apply. See store for details.

    Authorised Vendor

    Authorised Vendor

    We are an authorised supplier for major fleet companies as well as an authorised provider for major insurance companies. Contact us today to learn more.

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