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A clear business succession plan delivers real life benefits – a defined path to successful retirement, more financial security, and greater protection when unplanned events occur.

Finding Success in Succession

Succession planning is one of the most overlooked aspects of a business strategy. Steve Leal argues its significance for the aftermarket industry, where most body shops are family owned.

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Every body shop around the world needs trained and talented people at all levels who share your business vision and play a critical role in your success.

The Battle for Talent

For many years, the collision repair industry has been grappling with the issue of labor shortages. It is unlikely that a long-term solution will be found soon, says Steve Leal.

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According to Sylvain Seguin, as the country tries to return to normal, Fix Network will continue to innovate its operations throughout the year.

Innovating Ahead

Sylvain Seguin, Fix Network’s Executive Vice President for Canada, is keen to create value for franchisees in the ‘new normal’.

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Sylvain Seguin, Executive Vice-President (Canada) for Fix Network.

Staying Resilient

As the aftermarket industry gets back to business, Sylvain Seguin, Executive Vice-President at Fix Network Canada, shares his optimism for 2022.

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