ADAS Technology

Advanced Driver Assistance System or ADAS is becoming more prevalent in vehicles throughout the world. It gathers information from the surrounding area to better inform the driver though features like lane departure warning, parking smart city brake, intelligent parking assist, etc.

To ensure that NOVUS Glass meets the needs of the market, we are proud to introduce our unique ADAS Windscreen Repair Resin. We are the only glass company to feature a resin specifically tailored to ADAS-equipped vehicles and ensures increased clarity for customers of these vehicles.

With the price of technology screens increasing, there are great cost saving benefits to repairing windscreen cracks and chips instead of replacing the screen.

Repairing the windscreen does not require it to be removed and as a result costly recalibration is also not required. Using our unique ADAS Windscreen Repair Resin, we can even repair damage directly in front of an ADAS camera.

La résine de réparation de pare-brise NOVUS SAAC est conçue pour les véhicules équipés de SAAC.
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