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Our Trusted Experts Provide Professional Windshield Repair, Windshield Replacement, and Window Tinting Services.

At NOVUS Glass of Central Iowa, our primary focus is on providing exceptional auto glass repair and windshield repair services. Our auto glass replacement and windshield replacement service are used when necessary.

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    Reliable Auto Glass Repair and Replacement Services in Central Iowa

    NOVUS Glass of Central Iowa is your premier destination for exceptional auto glass repair services. Our skilled team is committed to ensuring the clarity, safety, and comfort of your driving experience. Specializing in windshield repair and replacement, we address everything from minor chips to complete replacements with precision and efficiency.  

    We can take care of your vehicle in our shop or bring our mobile services to a location convenient to you. 

    Our offerings don’t stop there. We can elevate your driving experience with other professional services, including window tinting, windshield wiper replacement, headlight restoration, and ADAS calibration. 

    Worried about the hassle of dealing with insurance? Don’t be! Our team of experts collaborates with your insurance provider for your convenience and peace of mind for effective windshield repair and windshield replacement service.  

    Trust us for your auto glass repair and replacement needs, as we prioritize your satisfaction. We work with competent, well-trained personnel, and we’ll never compromise on the quality of our products or services. In Central Iowa, NOVUS Glass stands out as the best option, offering flexible hours, affordable prices and quality service. 

    NOVUS Glass of Central Iowa FAQs: 

    Regardless of location, a windshield crack is a safety concern. It can impede your vision and worsen, requiring a windshield replacement. Even a small crack weakens the windshield. Prompt windshield repair is advised for your safety and to meet safety standards. NOVUS Glass specializes in windshield repairs, so we can address any windshield issues or concerns you may have.

    At NOVUS Glass of Central Iowa, our experts assess windshield damage and decide whether repair or replacement is needed. Our motto is “Repair first, Replace when necessary.” Usually, auto glass replacement is required when you have large cracks, obscured vision, edge damage, extensive cracks, or if previous repairs have failed.

    Car window tinting offers various benefits, including UV protection, reduced heat, enhanced privacy, and improved safety. Additionally, it can contribute to enhanced fuel economy by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. Connect with your local NOVUS Glass experts near the Central Iowa region for comprehensive car window tinting services.

    ADAS calibration is not a one-time procedure and may require periodic updates. As your vehicle’s ADAS technology evolves and faces wear and tear, regular calibration by experts becomes essential to maintain safety and optimal performance. At NOVUS Glass, our team in the Central Iowa area offers comprehensive ADAS calibration services to help your ADAS system stay accurate and reliable over time.

    If you’re in the Central Iowa region and looking for hassle-free mobile auto glass repair, NOVUS Glass is here for you. Just complete our “Request an Auto Glass Repair Quote” form, provide your location and vehicle details, and we’ll reach out to you to meet all your auto glass repair needs at a time and location that is convenient for you. For immediate assistance, you can also contact us directly at (641) 780-4848 or send us an inquiry at

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    Contact auto glass repair Central Iowa for your windshield repair and windshield replacement quote. 

    Our Services

    Windshield Repair

    Windshield Repair

    With over 50 million repairs completed, NOVUS repairs more types of windshield damage, including complex breaks and long cracks, than anyone in the industry.

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    ADAS Calibration

    NOVUS repairs windshields armed with ADAS without altering the sensors. If a replacement is needed NOVUS replaces the windshield and recalibrates the camera.

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    NOVUS guarantees its windshield repair will not crack further and will pass inspections as long as you own your vehicle, or we will refund your repair.

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    Did you know that NOVUS Glass state-of-the-art technology can repair majority of windshield chips and cracks?